Must-Haves: Second Trimester Round-Up

Hey gang! I’ve got about one month until the THIRD trimester. What?! It’s going too fast! My second trimester began halfway through August, and I can absolutely see why people call it the “honeymoon phase” of pregnancy. Now that I am over halfway, I feel more qualified to give you some pregnancy must-haves for the second trimester. From clothing items to dealing with indigestion, I’ve got my favorite products linked here!

Auden Underwear // Can I tell you a secret? Maternity underwear might be a hoax. I know, I know… unpopular opinion. I just don’t feel like underwear is the area I would like to spend more money in for pregnancy. So, I found these underwear at Target, and I cannot get enough of them. They’re high-waisted, they’re stretchy as can be, and they’re… still sexy? A win, win, win! I feel like they support my bump, and they will definitely stretch with me as I continue to grow.

Pregnancy Pillow // Perhaps the most important item on this list is the pregnancy pillow. I have been a belly sleeper for as long as I can remember. I spent a lot of time worried that I would accidentally roll onto my belly while sleeping, so I decided to go ahead and get a pregnancy pillow pretty early into my pregnancy. This pillow is AMAZING and affordable. I truly have not slept one night without it since July. It also doubles as great support for my back when we are laying on the couch. AND, I can use it as a nursing pillow when the baby arrives, too.

Summer Fridays Babymoon Belly Balm // The skin on my belly feels like one giant mosquito bite that I cannot stop itching. I basically have claw marks all over me now. But, every time I use this belly balm, I feel so much relief. It is a thick, dreamy moisturizer, and I like to keep it in my beauty fridge in our bathroom. Taking time to moisturize my belly is such a special bonding time I have with our babe, and I love to feel the kicks while I rub it in.

Nursing Bras // My boobs grew SO much during my first trimester. In fact, I had no bras left. My sister then recommended these specific nursing bras from Target to me, and my life was changed for the better. They come in multiple colors, are super affordable, and don’t feel too bulky. I also love the fact that these will be so helpful postpartum while I am nursing, too!

Smoothez Bras // Another bra recommendation that I actually haven’t seen anyone else share! This bra is wire-free, and more of a shape-wear style. It is really the perfect pregnancy bra! Even down to the floating cups that are comfortable while boobs grow during your pregnancy. Super adjustable, and comes in lots of size options, and the cutest colors.

Maternity Jeans // I realized I have not been able to fit into jeans since a month before we even announced we were pregnant. It had been SO long since a pair of denim had touched my body. So, I grabbed these maternity jeans from PLT for $25, and they are INCREDIBLE. The waistband is so comfortable, and I sized up one size (I got a US 4) for a looser fit in the legs. I just got these in the mail today, and I have already tried them on twice because I have been so excited about them. They will stretch so well, and I feel more prepped for the third trimester knowing I have a pair of real pants to wear, LOL.

Maternity Leggings // There is nothing worse than a pair of leggings literally squishing your hips when you are already in pain. I found these maternity leggings at the Amazon Prime Day sale, and they are such a dream. They have amazing reviews, more color options than I even know what to do with, and fit true to size. I got the brown ones, and they are too cute for fall.

Weighted Heating Pad // A weighted heating pad serves many purposes in my life. And now that I am pregnant, it is my go-to for back aches or leg cramps. And, let’s be honest… boob pain. I even use it on my bed before I get in to keep me warm because I have been SO cold since getting pregnant. The weighted pads are better than the regular ones, in my opinion, because they help so much with anxiety too. It’s like a mini weighted blanket! I never would have guessed heating pads could be safe during pregnancy, but they ARE in moderation, and I am so thankful.

Tums // Are you a headache girl or a tummy ache girl? I think I started the tummy ache trend when I was like seven. And Tums has been a go-to my entire life. Sometimes it feels like my stomach is literally in my throat, and my food doesn’t settle well. These specific Tums have a cooling sensation when you crunch into them, and they are super fast-acting. I carry these guys around like candy.

Ritual Prenatal Vitamins // I will sing the praises of Ritual until my very last breath. These prenatal vitamins are literally the best on the market. I love the transparency in the ingredients, the minty aftertaste, and the fact that I can take them on an empty stomach. They are on a subscription basis and come to our house once a month. Their customer service is also top-notch.

Mary Ruth’s Vitamin D // With my autoimmune issues, it is super important to me to have enough vitamin D. Did you know pregnant women are supposed to 600 IU/day of vitamin D3? AND, there is evidence that higher daily doses of vitamin D3 (1000-4000 IU/day) can help both mom and baby! I didn’t know this, but there’s some more information for you here if you are curious! These are so yummy and taste like candy, for real.

Mary Ruth’s Probiotic // My gut has been messed up since becoming pregnant. Could have something to do with the fact that my guts have been moved around. Or the fact that I have SO much iron in my diet now. But, regardless of what it is, having a probiotic has been essential for me. I love the flavor of these, and I think you will, too!

Alright, fam… that’s my second-trimester must-have round-up! Let me know if you have any questions about any of these products, or need help finding more pregnancy-safe products. Have the best day!