Morning Sickness Hacks You’ll Wish You Had Learned Sooner

Growing up I remember always being fearful of being pregnant. And probably not for the reason you would think. My entire body changing? Nah. Labor and Delivery? Nope. Raising a child? Absolutely not. Throwing up? YEP. If you didn’t know, I actually suffer from emetophobia. That is the fear of vomiting. And, as you can imagine, that would make your first trimester pretty terrifying. Always feeling on edge. Always worrying about being sick. In fact, right after finding out I was pregnant, I began to do a DEEP DIVE all over the internet to find the BEST morning sickness hacks, remedies and treatments. I am telling you, I spent HOURS. Pinterest, Google, reading PDF’s from women’s health groups all over the country, scrolling #morningsickness on TikTok… Literally everywhere.

I know there are other moms who struggle with this fear, or at least other moms who just don’t want to spend their first trimester bent over the toilet all day, right? So, I decided to create a list of every hack, remedy, and treatment I could find, and create a one-stop shop resource for you. Before we dive into the details, I want to remind you of the obvious. I AM NOT A DOCTOR. In fact, I am not even smart!!! Just kidding, I am smart, but definitely not a medical professional. SO, these are just the things I have gathered, tested, and tried, and wanted to share with you.

And one more thing… if you are dealing with a horrible, awful, terrible morning sickness that lasts all the time and is causing you to be unable to live your normal life, TELL YOUR DOCTOR immediately. Your OB, nurse practitioner, or midwife can help you. You may be dealing with a totally sucky condition called hyperemesis gravidarum that can cause you to lose a bunch of weight, feel light-headed, and feel nauseous basically 24/7.

Okay, now that I know I won’t get sued for giving medical advice with zero credibility, let’s dive in to the list.

Gin Gins

OMG, these always make me laugh! Gin-gins are a chewy ginger candy you can grab at Publix, Target, or your local grocery store. They make me laugh because the packaging is so cute and funny. I had never tried ginger anything before getting pregnant so I was a little nervous to try them. BUT, here’s some good news… they are delicious! And a little bit spicy? They almost taste like those pumpkin spice caramels from Werther’s in the fall. They are chewy, and you can suck on them for a while like a hard candy. Ginger is known to settle your stomach and take away feelings of nausea. This is a great, cheap, hack you can take with you everywhere, and no one even has to know you are pregnant while you enjoy this little candy.

Essential Oils

Call me crunchy. I dare you. JK, definitely not crunchy even though I sometimes wish I was…? I do use essential oils in our diffuser, for cleaning, and wellness purposes. But, that is basically the extent I use oils at, LOL. I use Young Living oils, and would recommend you do, too. A lot of women have seen success by sniffing oils, or putting oils directly on their skin. Obviously you’ll want to consult your doctor about this, but some of the oils I have heard have anti-nausea effects are…

  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Ginger
  • Grapefruit
  • Orange
  • Peppermint

One more thing while we are talking about essential oils. I have used, and enjoyed a roller from Doterra called DigestZen.

Cold Ginger Ale or Sprite

Having a cold glass of ginger ale is a tale as old as time. For good reason! As you know, ginger is good for nausea, and there’s something so soothing about cold ginger ale. At the beginning of my first trimester I loved having ginger ale after dinner or before bed. And sometimes nothing tastes better than the electrifying shock of a McDonald’s Sprite, amirite?

Gatorade Ice Cubes

Here’s a fun little DIY project you can have on hand after a bout of morning sickness. If you buy a cheap little ice mold, you can pour your favorite flavor of Gatorade into them, and freeze it into cubes. Sucking on those can be easier than eating or drinking. Not only are they refreshing, but they also restore those electrolytes you may have lost from being sick. And it’s important to be sure you are hydrated!

Saltine crackers

Boring. But, also game changing? I keep a pack of these next to our bed just in case I wake up feeling yucky. Saltines have been my go-to when I have felt sick since I was a little girl, and they’re almost a comfort food for me at this point.

Preggie Pops

Here’s another little candy-type option you can throw in your purse and suck on for some relief. Preggie Pops are the GOAT. I got a giant tub of them off of Amazon when I was like 4 weeks pregnant, and I still have extras! I got the tub that has Sour Raspberry and Sour Lemon flavor + they are so good. They kind of remind me of a Warhead. I like having these in my purse for easy access when I am out and about in case nausea hits.

Nausea Bands

Not just for your seasick family member any more, folks! Nausea bands are incredible. And they can be used for so many purposes. Carsickness, seasickness, migraines, pregnancy, seriously these bands cover it all! I ordered mine from Nomo Nausea. Nomo Nausea was actually founded by a pregnant mama who dealt with nausea during her delivery of her daughter. The story is so amazing how they were created, so I encourage you to go check it out yourself for all the deets. But, I can assure you that these bands are different than others. Nomo Nausea bands are infused with peppermint oil for some aromatherapy, and acupressure on that very important P6.

And here’s a hack for you. Before your Nomo Nausea band arrives, you can use your finger on the P6 area to relieve nausea.

Anti Nausea medication from doctor 

If I could sit here and sing the praises of modern day medicine, I would. Because let me tell you… Zofran changed my life. My nurse practitioner prescribed Zofran for me when I was 7 weeks pregnant, and it was incredible. Like I said, dealing with the fear of vomiting is really hard. In fact, it has been crippling. Sometimes it feels like my life revolves around it. But, the freedom I felt when I took Zofran literally brought me to tears. I was able to go and do for the first time in a long time after taking it. As I am writing this, I am getting close to the end of my first trimester. And I am still taking Zofran as needed. Obviously I don’t know about your insurance or your background, but what I can tell you is that my Zofran only costed me $2 with insurance and delivery from my pharmacy. If you don’t have great insurance be sure to check out GoodRX for deals on medication.

B6 and Unisom

This is what my doctor first recommended to me. Ask your provider about what they recommend, but my OB recommended to take B6 with breakfast, B6 with lunch, and then B6 and Unisom with dinner. I have heard this produces really similar results to Zofran. The only reason I would do Zofran instead of this, is price. But, if that doesn’t bother you, go for it! It isn’t crazy expensive, and it doesn’t require a prescription. Nice + easy!

Sniff a lemon

Probably the same deal as the essential oils, but still wanted to add it for you, boo. Anything natural and fresh is always a great first option.

Breathing for travel sickness

Breath work has always been important for me. I remember my first therapist teaching me breathing techniques when I was in fourth grade, and I have been interested every since. Especially dealing with anxiety, having solid breathing techniques is really important to make sure I stay safe and don’t have panic attacks, or get hurt. I will link the YouTube video I found on this technique I LOVE that will help so much.


Which one is more boring? Water or saltine crackers? IDK, girl… but hydration is key. So, we gotta make sure we keep you hydrated, queen. Let’s make it interesting, ok? Get yourself a cup you LOVE. For me, that is my Stanley 40 oz. Making it lemon water, adding fresh fruit, or Liquid IV can be super helpful for hydration purposes.

Sparkling Mama Fizzelixer

Made by a mama with intense morning sickness herself, Sparkling Mama has a great product lineup that many women swear by. There are two different flavors, Raspberry Mint + Ginger Citrus you can try. I have not ordered this yet, but it is definitely something I have heard incredible things about, and am interested in trying. So simple to have something to just pour into your water and shake up. It’s caffeine free, and has great health benefits while you are growing that baby. They even have a subscription option, and you can get your product even cheaper.

Pink Stork Morning Sickness Collection

Pink Stork carries TONS of products. From fertility, to pregnancy, to labor and delivery, to postpartum, nursing and everything in between. But, we are talking about their nausea teas and morning sickness sweets. These have gained a lot of popularity recently, and I noticed when I would Google “morning sickness” this brand would pop up a lot in the shopping section. The main ingredient in a lot of their morning sickness products is ginger, and they’re loaded with B6. Starting to see the trend here in ingredients?

Okay fam, that’s the list! Let me know in the comments below if you are pregnant or have been pregnant, what worked for you to relieve nausea during that gnarly first trimester? Nothing is too weird, I wanna hear it all! I hope this post helps all of you pregnant mamas get some relief, and be able to enjoy your pregnancy.



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