My lovely followers,

I have been talking about writing this post for what feels like ages, and today it is finally here! I am going to be talking about some of my favorite tips and tricks on how to make your summer the best one yet. The main topics I am going to hit on are beauty and skincare, swimsuits, travel, and tips and tricks. Are ya ready?
Let's get started!
Beauty and Skincare:
Finding products to use during the summer is 100% crucial. I always use different products in the summer than I do during the other seasons. This is because my skin NEEDS different products when the weather is different ways. For example, in the winter I am probably not going to use a facial sunscreen as often as I would in the summer. A lot of the time in the summer I find myself using really lightweight and airy products. This means that my normal face moisturizer switches to a lightweight hydrating skin gel. Currently, as my everyday moisturizer, I use Hydra-V by Artistry. It is very thin, and gets the job done really easily! My makeup routine is pretty similar, but I do use a bronzer all over my face to keep my face looking tan and contoured. In the summers I try to do a more natural makeup look, I do not typically do eyeliner or false lashes, I am all about embracing what you have already! So I play up my eyelashes with a good mascara pretty often and of course, my signature pop of color lipstick, but besides that, I go for a more natural look. I got a new mascara I have to tell y'all about too. It is called Marcelle Curling and Lengthening Mascara. It has a great curved brush so you can get all of your lashes, even those tiny corner ones to POP! I have also been using a new makeup remover. I used to use a thicker liquid that left my face feeling oily and honestly, it felt like my pores were clogging as I was using it. I knew I needed something new, and I was super happy when I discovered Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water. I have absolutely fallen in love with this product and I think I will use it for a long time. It always gets all of yesterday's makeup off of my face, and never leaves behind any mascara or clumps of foundation. Another big change I have in the summertime is with my hair products. I usually try to use summertime as a hair detox. I do all that I can so that I do not have to use heat on my hair, and I try to stay away from hairspray as well. One product that I use at least a couple times a week is my Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. This is a drugstore product that you can pick up (even a little sample) at Target, or Walgreens. It always makes my bedhead curls turn into wearable (in public) curls. It is really light but just smells like summer and makes you feel like you have been at the beach all day. It is one of the only products I really use a lot in my hair over the summer. 
Everybody deserves a swimsuit that makes them feel as beautiful as they are. I want to help you find the perfect suit, so I am going to link some of my very favorite places to get a great swimsuit for an even better price. But, before I do that, I wanted to talk about my favorite ways to make a simple suit, cute & adorable! To do this, I usually add a cute baseball cap, a fun pair of sunglasses, or a scarf in my hair to keep my hair back. Here are my favorite places to get a suit perfect for your backyard pool or a vacation!

Between these stores, I really think that all of you will be able to find the perfect swimmy! If you know of anywhere else great that I am missing out on, let me know!
If you are anything like me, you travel. A ton. Like a whole lot. I would like to call myself a professional traveler. ;)  I have become ridiculously efficient at packing, and I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks I have learned with you. I have focused a lot on saving space. Great folding, rolling, and fitting is the key. Using those little storage pockets on the side of your suitcase or big tote is crucial if you are wanting to save space in your bag. I always suggest wearing a tank top with shorts or leggings and if you are going to pack a sweater or sweatshirt, I suggest wearing that or carrying it with you. You never know if you might need it, and it saves room in your suitcase or bag. My typical travel outfit is comfy shorts, a tank top, a sweater of some sort, and a baseball cap. One thing that I always remember to pack on my trips is my GoPro Hero. I never want to regret not capturing something awesome on video to be able to relive it again. If you are driving one thing I cannot stress enough is to use the Waze app. I use it for everything. Waze saves you from being in standstill traffic and gets you to your destination the fastest way which is super helpful. You can also program it to route you around having to pay tolls. Heck yeah! If you are curious about my specific travel bag (which I am obsessed with), I will link the brand here. My bag is discontinued, but this brand still has great other options for traveling.
Just a Few of My Tips and Tricks:

  • Have a favorite pair of jean shorts. I say splurge on them. Because they go with everything, and you never know what your summer night will consist of. You want to feel cute and comfy wherever you go and whatever you do!
  • Carry a sunscreen chapstick with you. I use SunBum and I swear by it. 
  • One word. Bugables. They are little bracelets that you can get that are about a dollar. They keep bugs off of you while you are trying to enjoy your summer night without making you smell like a can of bug spray. I wear them every night!
  • Always be ready to host at your house. Keep a little stock pile of paper plates, napkins, and cups. I always like to have some summery snacks in my freezer just on hand in case of unexpected guests. 
  • Invest in a good speaker. Everybody likes to listen to music on a warm, summer night so having a good speaker around your house that you can connect to with Bluetooth is awesome. I have a couple really great ones that I use almost every day. 
  • Keep blankets in the back of your car. A lot of the time, driving home there will be fireworks or a gorgeous starry night and you will want to be able to pull off and see it all happening. I like to keep blankets in my car so that if we see anything on our way home we can sit outside to watch!
  • Have a good cup. I have my Yeti, but even the cheaper versions of these will do. Summer in the south is ridiculously hot, so it is really important to always have a cold glass of water just in case you start feeling like the heat is getting to you.
  • Find a great pair of COMFY sandals. My favorites right now are from a brand called Bamboo and I got them at Dress Up. 
  • Come up with a bucket list. And stick to it! Make sure you make time to do those things you have been wanting to do. Summer is the time for adventures and making memories.
  • Sonic 8 PM and after special: After 8 PM every night over the summer, Sonic has half priced shakes. Take advantage of that because, well.. they are delicious. And who doesn't love Sonic?

If you have any questions about any of the products I talked about in this post, please contact me and I will get back with you as soon as I can. I hope you all had an amazing Fourth of July with your families and that you are enjoying your week thus far. Thank you for your awesome support and feedback. I am excited to hear what y'all think about this post.