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Ellie Activewear: September Box

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Ellie Activewear: September Box

Happy Wednesday, y'all!
This has been an absolutely crazy week for me. Midterms are starting to kick in, and it is starting to hit me that in just three months I will already be a junior. It is so wild to think about how quickly college is going by, but I have really loved it so far. Speaking of college... last month, I moved into a new apartment that I am enjoying so much. I am hoping to be doing a room tour soon to show you all the fun things I have been working on. It is so nice to finally see the things I have been wanting to make, come to life! At my new apartment, we have a gym downstairs that has a lot of the workout equipment I use. I decided to do this month's Ellie Activewear shoot inside of my new gym because I have been spending a lot of time in there recently. I am fairly certain that every month I say "this month's box was my favorite", but this one y'all... I am obsessed. The pieces that came in my September Ellie Box are so great, and I am excited to share them with you. 
The top is very soft, and super flowy. I have seen it be worn the way I wore it for these photos, and I saw it worn the other way so that the front is cut out. I think either way is adorable depending on what you are wearing it for. I wore an XS in the top, and it fit me great! How amazing is that olive green color? It is so in for fall this year, and I love when workout gear is actually stylish and floats right along with a particular season's trends. These types of workout tops have been so popular recently, and I can totally see why! Once I tried mine on, I had a hard time not wearing it every time I hit the gym. 
The pants are so, so cool. I love the black and white statements on them, and the detailing of the sheer stripes is so fun. They are really comfortable, and have a great stretch to them. These would be great for yoga or pilates. I like that they are full length pants, since we are approaching fall and temperatures will (hopefully) be dropping soon. They have a decently high waistband, and are very, very soft. 
Let's talk about this amazing sports bra! Holy smokes, it is so stinking cute. The back has criss cross straps that result in a really great caged look. Sometimes I have trouble with cross straps because they have little knots on them that hurt my back when I do exercises on the ground or even if I just leave it on for too long, but this bra is flat as can be on the back and is great for all exercises, sitting or standing. The front is a nice and simple scoop neck that can be worn with just about everything. And trust me, when you put it on, you will want to wear it with just about everything! My favorite part about the bra is that the sheer stripes on the bottom are the same stripes that are on the pants. It makes the whole outfit come together! 
This month's box came with these little yoga socks too. They are sticky on the bottom so your feet do not slip when you are doing yoga or pilates. The top of the sock is cut out and replaced with a strap for your ankle which makes them really girly looking and makes the sock look more like a little shoe. When I put them on, they reminded me of my dance shoes from when I was younger and it made me reminisce on my dancing days. 
The shoes I am wearing in the photos on the elliptical, are not affiliated with Ellie Activewear. They are Adidas (of course!). 
Lastly, an exciting announcement. If you have been debating on signing up for Ellie Activewear's monthly subscription box... NOW is a great time. From right now until Saturday, September 30th at 11:59 PM (PST), whoever signs up for their first box will receive the full size Ellie Swell water bottle complimentary with your purchase. It is a big water bottle that is a pretty, metallic rose gold. These do not just get handed out, so now is the time to snag it for free and get an adorable workout outfit. Don't forget that you can choose now between two types of boxes depending on your month's budget, and you can choose (and update) your sizes every month. If you have any questions, please let me know. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!