Are you interested in collaborations with other bloggers or businesses?
Absolutely. Please see my Contact page to fill out a form to handle business inquires of all kinds. I love doing collaborations and I have completed some very successful ones in the past, and I hope to continue growing!

What mascara and/or false lashes do you use? 
I recently switched mascaras and I have been loving the L'oreal Voluminous Original Mascara. It is a great, more natural looking mascara, but sometimes I need some false lashes to make my look a little dressier or bolder. It is not too much, but when I do wear false lashes, I love to use Ardell Natural Lash- Black 110. They go on really well, stay on as long as you'd like, and look very natural. I also have been using an incredible lash growth serum that I am planning on sharing with you all soon!

What are your lipstick colors you normally wear?
RED: Loreal 315 True Red, Loreal 317 Ruby Flame
BURGENDY: Loreal 754 Sugar Plum, Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor "Intensity"
NUDE: Loreal 800 Fairest Nude

How did you get into blogging?
To be completely honest, I was about eleven or twelve when I started my first blog. I loved being able to express myself on the internet. It became a safe place for me to display my passion for beauty, fashion, travel, etc. My first blogs were very basic and didn't last long before I would make a new one (those darn passwords.. tripped me up every time!). As I got older, I have learned how to HTML code (just some basic stuff) which is HUGE if you are wanting to start a blog. It helps a ton. To me, that is crucial. I have always looked up to other bloggers and I knew that I wanted to be like them some day. I felt like God is using me to spread His love within my love for fashion and it has given me an outlet to express myself and show others what life as a Christian is like.

Where are you based from?
I grew up in central Illinois but, I currently live outside of Atlanta. Most of my shoots are done in different suburbs of Atlanta. I enjoy going to a bunch of different places, because I am learning more about the area that I live in now!

How do you not wash your hair for a few days with working out?
I only wash my hair probably 3-4 times a week. I am a firm believer in letting your hair run its natural course and being okay with embracing it. I am not afraid to go a few days without a wash, because it is good to give your hair a break sometimes. I am also a firm believer in a great hat. Haha! If I just do not have time to wash it, I will use a dry shampoo or I will just braid it and let those natural oils do their thing!

How tall are you?
Exactly 5 feet tall! Still keeping my fingers crossed that I will hit a growth spurt!

What camera do you use for your photoshoots?
-Nikon D90
-iPhone 7

Who are your style icons/ inspirations?
Cara Loren Van Brocklin, Julia Engel & Amber Fillerup Clark are my top three! They're all great. I love so many different styles, and I feel like these bloggers really represent all of the styles I love! I get a ton of ideas from them and I will always look up to them like I have for the past few years. 

What do people you know think about you running a blog?
Honestly, everyone has been incredibly supportive. My friends are great. My family is great. I am very lucky. When I was in high school, I got quite a bit of criticism and not always the nice kind. People say things to me about how weird it is that I do this and put myself out there in this way. But, my family has pushed me to keep going and perfecting what I do each day. A lot of people my age did not understand the idea of a blog so I do seemed a little "different" to them, but... hey,  that is life, right? Once I got to college, I have found a lot more support and I feel very successful because of that. It is a great feeling. The coolest thing ever is when I am just walking around somewhere and someone says "Are you the one with the blog? I read it all the time.". 

Do you have any discount codes you give to readers?
I am in the transition of receiving new codes right now from a lot of the retailers I have worked with before, and retailers I am just beginning to work with. So I will keep y'all posted as they come!