Eleven Postpartum Products You Will Actually Use After Delivery

Soon-to-be moms, this is for you! If you are about to welcome a baby into the world for the first time, deciding what you need for postpartum is very overwhelming. According to the internet, you need EVERYTHING and the most expensive version of it. But, I wrote down every item that I classified as a must-have for the first month of postpartum, just for you.

Vaginal Care

Starting off, we have the old trusty diapers. These Always underwear are the best. They’re super soft, the pad is really absorbent, and they look cute and girly. Plus, they hold all of the random crap you have to put in your underwear (more pads, healing foam, witch hazel pads, etc.)

Next up is the Frida Mom perineal healing foam. I loved this foam because it felt cooling on my stitches, it is lightweight, and relieved a lot of pain I was having once I got out of the hospital.

Now we’ve got the Frida Mom Peri Bottle. The bottle the hospital gives you is fine, but this one is SO much better. Not only is it cute, but it is WAY easier to use. Filling it with warm water and using that after peeing helps so much with the burning sensation, cleans your stitches, and rinses you off so you can still feel clean even though you can’t wipe. Such a great product!

These Frida Mom Ice Maxi Pads are the BEST. When I first got home from the hospital I was using these 24/7. They crack and turn into ice packs, plus they’re super soft, and absorbent. I would use the Always underwear, then pop one of these in the underwear, add a few pumps of the perineal healing foam, put the witch hazel pads on, and it was so much more comfortable. These pads were SO helpful when my stitches would get itchy or painful when my ibuprofen was wearing off.

Nursing Products

Two words: BODY. ARMOR. I heard this was great for postpartum, and the hype is real. It is super hydrating and helps increase your milk supply, which is awesome. And, it tastes SO good. Technically any flavor of Body Armor would do the trick, but Peach Mango is my favorite. And as a little hack: try this Peach Mango drink with BetterDays BetterGreens in the juicy lime flavor. It is SO good and the easiest way to get those veggies in when you don’t have time to cook a healthy meal.

A lactation massager is one of the best things that happened to me postpartum. I had EXTREMELY engorged boobs when my milk came in. My mom had been at our house holding Teddy, and I got to take a nap a couple of days after I got home from the hospital, and when I woke up, I was in awful pain. I Amazon primed this La Vie lactation massager was a lifesaver. A hot tip for you is to cover your boobs in coconut oil, and then use the massager, it is so much more comfortable!

The next item on our list is the Haakaa manual breast pump. I did not have my real pump until Teddy was a couple of weeks old, so the Haakaa was my saving grace. I used it on one boob while I nursed on the other side to catch all of the extra milk, and I used it with hot water and Epsom salt to help clear clogged milk ducts right after my milk came in. It is so great, Hayden ended up buying me another one because it was used SO much.

The Lansinoh Stay Dry Nursing Pads are a fabulous option for disposable nursing pads. I had tried another brand, and I leaked right through them within minutes. But, these pads are magic. They absorb up to 20 times their own weight, and they have a waterproof lining, so there is no leakage. They’re also really soft, and comfortable. I wear them every single day!!

Lansinoh is coming in clutch. Their nipple shields were a lifesaver for my breastfeeding journey. I had blistered, torn up nipples when we came home from the hospital, and every time I fed Teddy I would cry and cry. I truly did not think I would continue nursing because it was so painful, and I was worried about her getting too much of my blood in her milk. But, once I tried these nipple shields, my faith in our breastfeeding journey was restored. I really mean that. Teddy latched so easily, and it has made nursing such a breeze for us. I can’t recommend these enough!

Another nursing product that made a huge difference for us is these Sunflower Lecithin capsules from Legendairy Milk. I have used these to help with clogged ducts, and it helps milk flow in general. They recommend 3-4 of these daily if you’ve got clogged ducts, or 1-2 of them just to maintain a good flow. But, my chiropractor told me when she had mastitis she used quadruple the recommended dosage, and it cleared it up for her. Talk about some magic!

The last must-have is the Lansinoh Breast Therapy packs. They are great because they can be frozen to ice your boobs, or microwaved to help with pain or clogged ducts. I used these a TON in my first few days of nursing because I was constantly in pain. They brought so much relief, and are so easy to pop into your nursing bra for some comfort, and relief.

There you have it, girls! I hope this list is helpful. You can trust these items are tried and true, and you know I would never lead you astray 😉 All of these items can be shopped below. You’ll be so glad you prioritized yourself during your postpartum period. If you have any questions or need any more details, I am always happy to help. Have a great week!

XO, Maz

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