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Forever Starts Here: The Wedding Part 3

I promise I am doing my best to keep things condensed, but like… so many details I don’t want to forget, LOL! I wanted to add a few of our couples portraits post-ceremony because they make me so happy! I had told Alisa I wanted our photos to be a mix of romantic, soft and whimsical, and also flash photography,…

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Forever Starts Here: The Wedding Part 2

Before getting married everyone told me “You won’t sleep on your wedding night, and you won’t eat on your wedding day”. Let me just say… I beg to differ. I slept like a freaking baby the night before, and woke up the morning of our wedding and ate a ton of fruit, an entire bagel from Panera with cream cheese,…

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Forever Starts Here: The Wedding Part 1

First and foremost, I want to give a huge thank you to our wedding vendors. From our venue, to catering, to our tuxes, to our bridesmaids gifts, every detail was perfect, and we felt so loved. We cannot thank you enough. A compiled list of our vendors can be found on the main wedding page here on the blog. I…

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