Eleven Postpartum Products You Will Actually Use After Delivery

Soon-to-be moms, this is for you! If you are about to welcome a baby into the world for the first time, deciding what you need for postpartum is very overwhelming. According to the internet, you need EVERYTHING and the most expensive version of it. But, I wrote down every item that I classified as a must-have for the first month…

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Our Birth Story

I never want to forget the details. I want to have a full birth story on record for our sweet baby girl, Teddy to read as she grows older. Every year on my birthday, my mom texts me throughout the day telling me what she was doing the day I was born, and it is so special to me. Teddy,…

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It’s Been Too Long: A Pregnancy Catch-Up

Long time no talk, girls! How are we? I hope you are enjoying the beautiful leaves changing, and cooler temperatures. Here in Tennessee, we have the most incredible view from our apartment of the fall colors, and it is really just an ideal situation. I wanted to pop in today and just give you a quick update on life, and…

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Must-Haves: Second Trimester Round-Up

Hey gang! I’ve got about one month until the THIRD trimester. What?! It’s going too fast! My second trimester began halfway through August, and I can absolutely see why people call it the “honeymoon phase” of pregnancy. Now that I am over halfway, I feel more qualified to give you some pregnancy must-haves for the second trimester. From clothing items…

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Fall 2022: What I Got in My FabFitFun Box (All Pregnancy Safe Items)

Hi fam! Hope your weekend is off to a great start. I have had a super busy week, and I am ready to have a few days off to spend with Hayden, and let my body recuperate. In today’s post I wanted to share with you the items I got in my fall FabFitFun box. I’ve been getting these boxes…

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Morning Sickness Hacks You’ll Wish You Had Learned Sooner

Growing up I remember always being fearful of being pregnant. And probably not for the reason you would think. My entire body changing? Nah. Labor and Delivery? Nope. Raising a child? Absolutely not. Throwing up? YEP. If you didn’t know, I actually suffer from emetophobia. That is the fear of vomiting. And, as you can imagine, that would make your…

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My First Trimester Morning Routine

Can I tell you a secret? I’m writing this WAY before I even announce our pregnancy. There are 5 weeks left until my second trimester begins! At this point, I have gotten comfortable with a routine that works for me. I am writing these in real time, so I don’t forget any details. All of the products listed below will…

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Baby Garrison Is On The Way! February 2023

I KNOW. I AM IN SHOCK TOO. The best surprise ever! Right after we found out, I was up in the night with nausea, and tried to distract myself by writing. I wrote this in my notes at like 3 AM to help me remember the exact feelings, emotions, and details of how we found out. I wrote this for…

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Style In Cincy: Travel Diaries

Happy almost weekend, y’all! Has this week flown by for anyone else? I feel like it was just Monday, and today we are prepping for the weekend. This week was SO busy, and tons of fun. Tuesday I made the four + a half hour trek up to Cincinnati, Ohio to meet up with my boss, for a marketing summit.…

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Forever Starts Here: The Wedding Part 3

I promise I am doing my best to keep things condensed, but like… so many details I don’t want to forget, LOL! I wanted to add a few of our couples portraits post-ceremony because they make me so happy! I had told Alisa I wanted our photos to be a mix of romantic, soft and whimsical, and also flash photography,…

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