Hey, girl, hey! Do you love traveling as much as I do? I am currently on a flight to Dallas as I write this, and I thought it would be fun to give you a list of everything I have in my carry-on bag. Especially during this pandemic, one of the most frequently asked questions I get in my DM’s is regarding flights, airports, and staying healthy during traveling. I think after so many flights (even during COVID-19), I have been able to really narrow down what goes in my carry-on bag. Now I want to share that information with you! Without further ado, let’s go ahead and start today’s discussion, “What I Pack In My Carry-On”.


Obviously, when you are flying you can have ONE carry-on item, and ONE personal item. I like to have my items match, so I choose to carry my Louis Vuitton Neverfull, and my Louis Vuitton Mini-Backpack.


First, let’s talk about my smaller bag. This bag can be worn as a backpack, but for safety purposes, I wear it across the front of my body. I like to wear it like that, because I never have to worry about anything getting stolen, going missing, or getting lost. I never have to take my eyes off of my essentials. In my little backpack, I carry my most important items that I cannot fly without.


This includes basic things like, my cards (both debit cards, a few dollars in cash, and my license. I like to have these easily accessible for security, and if I have to have a water or a snack to settle my belly.


Another thing I also have easy access to my FAVORITE hand sanitizer of all time. The Baby Bum Hand Sanitizer is so great, but it cannot be found in stock online. Check your local Target! It’s a delicious smelling, spray sanitizer, and I pick it up at Target. Here’s my hack: You can almost always find the best hand sanitizer in the baby section at Target.


In addition to that, I have my go-to body spray/perfume that I have been wearing since I was in middle school. It’s just the travel size, so it is easy to travel with.


Next, I never forget my deodorant. I am notorious for forgetting to pack deodorant and then I almost always end up wearing Hayden’s, or my mom’s when I am on a trip. But, I made sure I packed my Native Deodorant. I like the coconut-scented one. It’s so yummy, and tropical.


In the front pocket of my backpack, I always make sure I have my top two essential oils that I rely on a lot during travel. I have lavender, and I have valor. Both help me relax on flights, and allow me to enjoy my trip without having to take my super intense anxiety medication.


The last thing I pack in my backpack is my Tylenol Extra Strength in a small container. If I sleep wrong on my head or neck, I will have a migraine that lasts all day. So, just in case of an emergency, I have Tylenol I can take. Fun fact: I used to only take ibuprofen, and now I can only take Tylenol, because of my medication combination.


I like to keep a lot in this tote bag, but I hate when it gets so heavy and hurts my shoulders, and back. So, I have REALLY narrowed it down. The things that go in my bag are very necessary, and if I know I won’t be using it on the plane, it does not go on my carry-on. Let’s chat about what all is in there.


Biggest thing first, my laptop in a laptop sleeve. I carry my MacBook with me, because I get really nervous to put my laptop in a checked bag. We all know checked bags kind of get thrown around when they are being put on the plane, so I like to keep it with me. But, it also allows me to get some work done mid-flight which is so wonderful. I carry my laptop in a cushion-like sleeve, just to keep it as safe as possible. I do not put my charger in my carry-on. That goes in my checked bag. It weighs a lot, and there’s no way I will need to charge my laptop unless I have a layover that lasts more than a few hours. This allows me to get my work done, but I do not have to lug around all of my MacBook accessories.


Secondly, in the smaller zipper pocket in my tote bag, I carry my anxiety medications, a lip gloss, and a pack of gum. I love for these things to all be easy to find. I have two anxiety medications. One for daily use, and one for emergencies if I feel a panic attack coming on. I carry a pack of Extra Spearmint gum, especially when I have my mask on because I love the smell of it, haha! And for my lip gloss, I carry a super-hydrating lip gloss from Kopari that I have been using and loving for almost a year. It is a total game changer.


Next up, I love to pack a good bag of wipes. I fly Southwest, and they do a fabulous job keeping the planes clean as can be. But, the airports are not always so spotless. I keep a pack of wipes with me during this time just to ensure that I can feel healthy and secure sitting wherever I like, or wiping down my electronics whenever I need to. I like this travel pack of wipes from Target. They are lemon, and mint scented and make everything smell fresh as all get out.


Another thing I pack in my carry-on is my prescription blue light glasses from Warby Parker. I love my glasses, and they always help with headaches or migraines, so I make sure to have them in my bag. And if I am going to be staring at a phone or a laptop for hours at a time, I want to be sure my eyes will be protected.


In a small little wristlet, I also carry my smaller cords and chargers. I carry my AirPods, a portable phone charger in case of emergencies, and a pair of wire headphones in case my AirPods die. I also carry my little stylus that I use to do little doodles on IG stories. Just keeps my brain entertained, hehe!


And, last but not least… SNACKS. I love when I get to pick out my snacks for the plane. I like to pack my snacks ahead of time, and then buy my drinks when I get through security. Today, I almost missed my flight, because I am a slow poke, so I didn’t have time to go get a water. But, most days I will go get a bottle of Smart Water, and a Blackberry Hint water to take on the plane at the vending machine or little shop. Then I can enjoy a mini-meal on my flight. Today’s snack pack includes: Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookies (Double Chocolate, and Snickerdoodle are my favorites!), two individual packs of salted cashews, and a roll of Sweet Tarts for something sweet.

I know this sounds like a lot. But, I promise this does not weigh much, and it’s a great variety of things to have on a flight. Obviously, I think my carry-on bag would look and feel different if I were to be on an international flight. But, for my monthly domestic flights, I usually count on this little list to take care of me. I have made a fun graphic for you to save to your phone below. A carry-on bag checklist you, and I can use and share! Woo-hoo! If you use the template, post it on your story and tag me. I would love to see it! Is there anything else that you usually pack in a carry-on bag that I don’t have on my list? What am I missing out on? Let me know in the comments below. And, if you are looking for more of my travel-focused blog posts, check out this blog. Enjoy your Friday, and have the MOST fabulous weekend. I love y’all!