Hey, hey! Happy Friday, girlfriend. Are you ready for the weekend? I sure am. This week has been totally crazy between getting into a routine work schedule, getting a COVID-19 test, creating content for Instagram, the newsletter, and some fun brands. I am ready for a couple days of relaxation.Ever since I was little, one of my favorite ways to relax is by reading. During the summertime, reading poolside is one of my favorite things to do, and it gives me an opportunity to step away from my computer screen, working, or scrolling. To be honest, I think we all need time to do that. So, in today’s blog post I want to share with you my top three books of the summer, and then another three that are on my reading list!

MY Top 3 Faith-based Books of the Summer

1. Single, Dating, Engaged, Married by Ben Stuart

Since the beginning of this summer, I have been involved in an amazing relationship-focused Bible study led by one of my sweet besties, Kahlea. This study has been structured by this book, and so I have done a ton of reading and spent a lot of time investing in this book. When I say that it has changed my life, I quite literally mean it has changed my life. In fact, I wish I had read this book during my single days, because I think it would have prepared me to be a better girlfriend, and future wife. The book is split up into four sections (single, dating, engaged, and married) and gives biblical advice, scripture, and more to teach you so much about using each of your stages of a relationship wisely. No matter where you are at in your “dating game”, you will be thankful you invested in this book both financially and time-wise.

2. Own Your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley

If you have been following me for a while, you will remember when I went to the book signing for this book with my sister. It was SO fun, and such a great reminder, that no matter where we are in life, there is purpose in our season even if it feels less than plentiful. This book gives you tangible steps on what it looks like to really “Own Your Everyday”. I always feel like summer is a good time to reflect, and make the life changes that you want to make, so this book is one I would recommend reading in the summer. It is one of those books you will want to read it within two days, haha! I promise you will not want to put it down. This book does a fabulous job of helping you sort through your goals and dreams, and gives you a really empowered feeling. Honestly, Jordan is an amazing writer and she not only convicts you in a loving way, but also encourages you, which I really loved and needed.

3. Live by Sadie Robertson Huff

Sadie is one of my biggest inspirations, favorite Christian speakers, and favorite authors. I look up to her in so many ways, and her books are truly amazing. This book is one I find myself referring back to often. There are so many great nuggets of inspiration, and encouragement in here. I always feel like a total boss after reading her books, and I think you will too. Sadie uses personal stories to allow you to have a deeper connection with her, and what she is talking about in that specific chapter. Also, the cover is pink, so obviously I like that, haha! This book is a great reminder to really take advantage of the life you are given! We are not just “alive”, but we were created with the intention to live freely in God’s creation.


1. Everybody Always by Bob Goff

2. Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

3. How to Have Your Life Not Suck by Bianca Olthoff and Christine Caine

Each of the books that I have listed above, are all linked for you! I would love for you to grab any of these books too, and we can enjoy their goodness together. If you click the title of any of these books, you’ll be taken directly to their Amazon page, and you can order them too. Have you read any of these books? And, what books are on your “must-read” list for the summer? Let me know!Have the BEST weekend, and stay healthy!