It’s finally 2020! I have had such good vibes going into this year and I think that this is going to be “my year”! 🙂 Y’all know I have such a travel bug, and I am always planning my next trip. I am always going back home to Illinois for various events, going up to Nashville to spend time with my family, or on a flight to Texas to go see my boyfriend. One of the main questions that I get asked is about what I like to pack in my carry on bag. So, I figured we would do a full post on what is in my carry on bag when I leave for a trip. Whether it is for a flight, or for a longer road trip, I pretty much always carry the same stuff with me. I always like to carry my Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag. It holds SO MUCH STUFF and has the perfect sized zipper pocket inside to carry my smaller items. It even came with a small zipper wristlet too. Let’s jump in with my absolute NECESSITIES that are crucial to have. 1. My drivers license- Having my ID is in my wristlet is a MUST. I am always checking to make sure I have my ID like ten times before I even get to the airport. 2. My passport- My boyfriend lives really close to the US and Mexico border, so I always pack my passport in my wristlet to just in case we decide to make a little trip to Mexico. 3. $20 cash, debit card(s), and an emergency credit card- Having so many different ways to pay for things is something that relieves a lot of anxiety for me. That way I know for sure that no matter what I will have a way to pay for something in case of an emergency. I keep this in the wristlet too so there is no “Crap, where is my money?”, haha! 4. Phone and phone charger- Obviously, these are just for safety and entertainment purposes. Sometimes flights will have outlets for me to charge my phone so I like to pack a charger so that if I am playing on my phone, I can still charge and not have to worry about losing battery.Those are my essentials that MUST be in my bag no matter what. Now, let’s talk about the things that I always carry with me that are more “luxuries”. Like things I think I have to have, but could fly and survive without if necessary, lol!1. Gum– I always carry a big pack of Spearmint Extra gum. I love having gum because it helps me get rid of the popping sensation in my ears when I am driving through the mountains or going up in elevation on a flight. 2. AirPods– My AirPods are so, so nice to have on trips. I love that I can wear one at a time to save battery, and I love how easy they are to have in while I wear a hoodie or something. No cords to worry about tangling up, and they have such great battery life, I can always use them throughout my entire trip. I like to keep these in my zipper pocket inside my bag because they are so small sometimes they can be hard to find in a big bag. Then I can listen to my podcasts, movies, music, and shows during my travels.3. My two anxiety medications, stress vitamins and essential oils- Traveling with my medication is super important to ensure that I won’t have a panic attack while I am traveling. I also make sure that along with my medicine that I pack some of my favorite essential oils to help me stay calm, and relaxed. I like to take Valor to put on my wrists, Lavender, and Peace and Calming from Young Living. And I also pack the travel size bag of the Goodbye Stress vitamins from Olly. I know this sounds pretty excessive, but I am almost always traveling alone, and I like to be sure that I will not get to a point where I need medical attention from a stranger, lol! #embarrassing4. Hand sanitizer- My favorite hand sanitizer is from Trader Joe’s. I am so obsessed with their Grapefruit-Lemon hand spray. It smells so good and so fresh, and I am in love with the sprays. 5. Wipes- I love to travel with a pack of Say Yes to Cucumbers wipes. Sometimes I feel so sweaty and gross at the airport and I don’t have an opportunity to shower whenever I want, so I like to keep a pack of wipes I can use in my bag to freshen up a little bit.6. Mini Deodorant- The Native brand Coconut-Vanilla Deodorant is my holy grail. I am SO obsessed with this product and it is the perfect size to carry in my bag. 7. Body spray- I always like to travel with a travel size body spray of my favorite scent. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell is the same perfume I have been wearing since middle school, and every time I spray it on I just feel so much like myself. It is such a happy scent for me!8. My makeup bag- I like to carry my makeup bag just in case my luggage gets lost. Or if my flight gets delayed or something, I can play with my makeup while I am waiting to pass the time.9. Hair ties- My favorite hair ties are from Anthropologie and I wear them in my hair all the time. They never get stuck in my hair, and they don’t leave a ripple in my hair from where my ponytail was.10. Snacks- It is no secret that airport snacks are always CRAZY expensive, so I like to pack my snacks ahead of time. I usually end up buying a couple of overpriced water bottles, so in order to save money I pack my snacks. Some of my favorites to bring are Bel Vita, Annie’s fruit snacks, cashews, and some type of cookie for a little bit of sugar. I also usually take my FAIR SHARE of free snacks on the plane. I stock up on what they give me for free because I never know when I am going to need a bite of something. 11. Heating pads- Whether or not it is actually cold on the plane, I always make sure to have heating pads because somehow I always end up being on my period on the plane and I want to be sure that in case I have bad cramps, I can use a heating pad to help. I like to use the sticky ones that people use for their neck because the shape fits on my tummy really well. They are MAGIC.

As for clothes, I usually wear pretty casual outfits to travel. Lately I have been wearing simple, soft tee shirts with cozy bottoms, a good pair of socks, and my favorite pair of dad shoes. I also throw on a little cardigan because sometimes flights are so cold, and if it’s not cold, you can use your cardigan as a pillow! I hope this little list helps you next time you are getting ready for a flight or a road trip. Let me know what you usually take with you on trips! I would love to hear more about what you guys do.