Hey there, lovelies! It’s been a few weeks since I have shared a new blog post. I have been dealing with some personal things, and working through life’s challenges. But, I will be updating the blog as often as possible. Today, I just wanted to come on here, to share my collection of gift guides to help you with your holiday shopping. Below, you will be able to get shop-able items for all of the people in your life.

As most of you know, blogging is my job. I make about 80% of my yearly salary throughout the holiday season. This is the most crucial time of year for me. That being said, when you shop these gift guides, using my link allows me to earn a small commission off of the sale. It does not cost you any extra, or anything crazy. Just helps me be able to blog and create social media content as a job. I always like to be candid about this, because I don’t want it to feel like I am being sneaky about how I make money as a blogger/influencer.

Anyways, now that we have covered all of our business for today, let’s hop in to the gift guides. Woo-hoo! This post will constantly be updating as I create new guides. Keep checking back as you continue to shop, because there will be new items super often.

For Girls

For Guys

For Mamas

For Parents and In-Laws

For Your Sister or BFF