For seven years on, I have been sharing my everyday products, and everyday style for the everyday girl. My goal is to help young women find inspiration and self-confidence through my style, beauty products, biblical encouragement, and travel adventures.

During the hardest parts of my life, I have used the internet to find joy and inspiration to be the best version of myself. Now, I work hard to use my platform to do the same for you. I don’t know what you are going through right now, but I do know that there is something so fun about wearing an outfit you love, a makeup look that makes you feel beautiful, or taking a much-needed trip.

As a child, I had a passion for Jesus, people and for fashion. I had many dreams of how I would use those passions as I grew up, but it wasn’t until high school that I realized I wanted to seriously pursue these things as a career. When I graduated high school, I moved from my home state of Illinois to Georgia to study fashion and communications in college, while I cheered at Kennesaw State University. I graduated in May of 2019, and began taking my brand on full-time. And, here we are. Life seems pretty surreal right now, because I recently realized that all of the things I dreamt of as a teen are coming true.

Now, the fun stuff:

  1. I have the cutest Havanese pup, named Sperry
  2. I’m an auntie to my sweet nephew (3 yrs.), and precious niece (4 mo.)
  3. I have been best friends, with my sweet bestie, Elizabeth since preschool
  4. Dunkin’ Cold Brew is my fuel every. single. day.
  5. My boyfriend, Hayden is the love of my life, and was my best friend for over a year before we started dating
  6. If I wasn’t a blogger, I would want to be a Special Agent with the FBI, or a Private Investigator
  7. I have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and OCD… aka: my closet is color-coded, and I always like things to be in groups of 7 😉

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little bit about me, and now I would love to hear a little about you too! Leave me a comment with a fun fact about you.