Hey there lovelies! Can you believe it is already almost August? Do you already have your back-to-school essentials? Are you going back to school in-person or virtually? Obviously, I am not in school anymore, but when I was in school I did both in-person, and virtual learning. I grew up going to school in-person, but as I went through college, I ended up choosing to go virtually. Both have their pros, and cons, but I know that no matter what your school year looks like, it is going to be a good one!

In today’s blog post I am going to split it up into three sections. The first section will be a general list of my favorite school supplies everyone needs. In the second section, you will find my list of resources for those of you who are headed back into the physical school building this year. And, the last section will be dedicated to my girlies who are choosing to do virtual learning this year. I think you will find a lot of value in these lists, so I have went ahead and made this post shop-able. These are all the items I would be purchasing if I were still in school! To be honest, if I miss one thing about being a student, it is back-to-school shopping, haha!


Adorable Planner: Having a planner is CRUCIAL. I literally cannot imagine trying to plan, or survive a week without a planner or calendar. This planner is a good one, because it has ample space for you to write, and plan. Small planners are convenient, but if you are someone who likes to have EVERYTHING written down, you will want a larger planner like this one.

The Pen of My Dreams: All throughout high school, and college I had what I called, “my lucky pen”. These pens have comfortable grips, last forever, and are easy to find. I have convinced so many people to buy these pens, and everyone says they are SO worth it.

Mini-Stapler: A mini-stapler is also one of those “organized girl” items. It isn’t technically “necessary”, but in my mind it is a total must-have. You never know when you will want to staple papers together, or use a stapler for organization purposes.

Mechanical Pencils: I didn’t use pencils in college, but when I was in high school these were my favorite pencils to use. I loved all the fun colors they came in, and they had lead that didn’t break off all the time. These were the best pencils!

The BEST Eraser: This eraser was introduced to me as a kid during standardized testing, and I never looked back. They are SO good! These erasers don’t leave holes in your paper, or smear the lead, or do anything annoying. They are small, durable, and can remove ANYTHING.

Spiral (College Ruled) Notebook: OMG, this notebook is so cute. I always liked College Ruled notebooks, because I liked the size, but you can do whatever you like most! You know you will be spending a lot of time in your notebook, so I definitely recommend really finding one you love and will want to look at all year.

Great Quality Binder: Binders are so funny, because I never understood why people bought such fancy ones. I always enjoyed decorating my binders, and I encourage you to do the same. These binders are so great because you can decorate them any way you like, and decorate them differently for different classes. That way they will be easy to tell apart from one another.

Binder Subject Separators: These guys are MUST haves, if you are using a binder for more than one subject. They have little tabs that you can label, and it makes it easier to organize.

Index Cards: Index cards were my SAVING grace in high school, and in college. I loved cutting them in half to make flash cards, and using them to cover up answers when I would quiz myself on study guides.

Loose Leaf Paper: Having good loose leaf paper is perfect for binders. I always preferred doing loose leaf paper in binders for classes where I had to turn in physical assignments, because then I didn’t have to worry about perforation on the paper and the annoying squiggles on the side.

Highlighters: Ya girl loves a good pack of highlighters. They are SO helpful. I always liked color coding different things for classes. For example, green is vocabulary, pink is things to ask questions about, etc.

Flash Drive: Having a flash drive is so beneficial. I always hated being up all night the night before a project was due, flipping my house upside down looking for a flash drive. Haha! I was not always the most organized in high school, lol!


Backpack: This backpack is such a little cutie. I have been loving the Champion brand the past couple of years, and I think this color is so adorable.

Lunchbox: Picking out a lunchbox was always one of my favorite parts of going to school, haha! This one is so adorable, and I know that if I was going back to school, I would be buying this one.

Pencil Pouch: Having a little bag to carry all of your pens and pencils in is so important. It helps you stay organized, and honestly it is just aesthetically pleasing to have everything looking so put together.

Book Covers: I always loved having book covers! I thought they were so fun, because I loved being able to personalize my school supplies as much as I could, and I always thought the graphic designers for my school textbooks needed to find a new day job, haha. So I always covered my books with cute little book covers like this one!

Locker Shelf: Locker shelves are so underrated, and always worth the investment. It is so nice to stack things up in your locker in an organized manner, know where everything is, and be able to have it sectioned off in your class order (that’s what I always did)! This one will be so cute in your locker.

Magnetic Locker Organizer: I linked a really cute little magnetic locker organization set here for you. It always makes going to school more fun, when it feels like your locker is almost decorated like a cute little home.

Water Bottle: It’s not a HydroFlask, VSCO girls! But, it is a really great water bottle to make sure you are getting hydrated throughout the day. This bottle has time markers down the side, so you know how much water to be drinking all throughout the day. I use the half gallon one, and Hayden has the full gallon. It is so handy! They come in tons of colors too, so I recommend checking out all of your options to see what you like best.

Hand Sanitizer: I mean… duh, right? #COVIDthings

Masks You Will Obsess Over: These masks are SO cute, and fun! Having a good variety of masks to choose from if you decide to wear a mask at school, will be like another fun accessory. I also got some from Kitsch that I love so much!

Vitamin C: Just more #COVIDthings tbh…


Post-It Notes: This pack of post-it notes gave me all the high-school Mazie vibes. I have always been a sticky note kind of girl, and I love making lists, so these are perfect for me!

Desk Chair: Being at home means you are going to be doing schoolwork for hours a day. Make sure you have a chair that will feel good on your back and neck, and be comfortable for multiple hours in one sitting. Your back will thank you in the next 5 years… I promise!

MacBook: If you don’t already have one… a laptop is basically going to be crucial. I love my MacBook. Obviously, they are an investment, but they do last for EVER, and they make it easy to surf the web, do your schoolwork, and stay organized.

Wireless Printer: This wireless printer is such a steal! It is on sale currently, and it’s actually the one I picked up for Hayden a while back at Target. It is so great, and we have had great success with it. Affordable, and functional. Just the way I like it.

Computer Paper: Printer won’t be worth much without some good paper, right? This kind is great because it gets delivered to your house, and then you don’t have to carry the heavy stacks of paper, haha!

Ink Cartridges: Buying some extra ink cartridges is always a smart idea. You never know when you are going to be printing off notes, and then your printer decides to run out of ink. Total bummer. But, this is the correct number of ink cartridge for the printer I listed above. I gotcha covered, sis.

Essential Oil Diffuser: This is literally the diffuser of my dreams. I think I have an essential oil diffuser collection by now, and this one is next on my list. Literally… stunning, right?? It is so pretty, and will make your workspace feel so cozy.

Office 365: If you don’t have Office 365, grab it ASAP. It is so helpful, and a great tool for students.

AirPods: Another splurge here, but if you are going to be working from home, having some AirPods makes the time go by much faster. I am sure the AirPods Pro are great, but to be honest, the regular AirPods work so well, and they are way more affordable. I love mine! They have amazing battery life, and fit so comfortably in my ears.

Desk Organizer: This kind of product is just a must for me. I love having little drawers and compartments, and storage available. I think having something like this will help you stay focused, relieve stress, and keep you on the ball!

Laptop Stand: This is something I had never thought about before, but now I am so in to the idea of having a laptop stand. Using a stand can help keep your wrists from hurting, and can give your neck a break from sitting in the same position all day, 5 days a week.

Friends, I hope these back-to-school essentials suggestions have been helpful to you! In Georgia, school starts on Monday. I can’t believe it. No matter when your school starts, or if you are in-person or virtual, I think you will have a fabulous school year. If you end up grabbing any of these items, let me know how you like them, and I would love to feature you on my IG Story. If you haven’t yet checked out last week’s blog post featuring Hayden, you can check that out here!